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To all the girls and women out there who love to wear their boyfriend/husband/brother’s jackets, now shop for Running, tracking, cycling, jogging, and sports games unisex jackets online at Raxedo. Put an end to all the fights with your siblings for stealing his jacket by buying an online unisex windcheater jacket that your brother can wear. We have a variety of unisex jackets best suited for workouts, evening walks, adventure sports, casual outings, date nights, or any other event where you wish to stand out. Shop for the unisex black jacket that is an evergreen piece of garment and can be styled in different ways for various occasions or go for Raxedo's logo-printed unisex jackets with zipp pouch pockets for a style statement.

A Range of Sports Unisex Jackets


Raxedo is a sportswear and activewear brand that provides you with premium quality and a range of athletic and sportswear. We have added to our collection of sports jackets for men and women, jackets for unisex both men and women can wear for sports or any physical activity. We have a unisex windcheater jacket for those who like to go around jogging, running, nature walks, or any other form of athletic sport. This can be worn for indoor yoga or workout sessions as well. You can also buy from us a unisex waterproof jacket that is useful for the monsoon season, ensuring you or anyone else do not miss a day of outdoor session.

Types of Trendy Unisex Jackets Available at Raxedo

  • Unisex winter jackets
  • Rains unisex jacket
  • Unisex black jacket
  • Unisex fleece jackets
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  • unisex windcheater
  • unisex ski jackets
  • unisex waterproof jacket

Unisex Winter Jackets for You and Your Loved Ones


Another synonym of winter would be jackets. Jackets are versatile. You can wear jackets for any occasion with any type of lower and that’s why the shared love for jackets. We have introduced unisex fleece jackets and other unisex jackets for the winter season to help you or any other person wearing our unisex jacket with a zipped phone holder pouch look their best at any point of the day while staying cozy.