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Training and Sports Bra: Women’s Athletic & Fitness Companion


For fitness-enthusiast women, a gym bra is the best option. A sports bra for girls provides coverage and support, reduces breast movement, and lessens discomfort. All of these advantages make a sports bra the first choice of female athletes. Women can choose a workout bra or sports bra from our collection that is ideal for any sport, be it tennis, running, basketball, volleyball, gym, etc. Lead an active lifestyle by choosing our sports bra with removable cups that fit perfectly around the breasts, making it sturdier.

Buy Sports Bra for Women Online


Many women hesitate and feel uncomfortable shopping for bras in the market. Buy sports bras online at Raxedo in the privacy and comfort of your home. Browse our extensive collection of bras for women, including sports bras, yoga bras, sports bralettes, strapless bras, full-coverage bras, padded bras, etc. We have got you covered with multiple options so that you don’t have to step outside of your comfort zone. Moreover, we also give you the options of colors, designs, sizes, and prices. Scroll through the variety, select a sports bra online that fulfills your needs, and place your order. We are sure you will find the one for you or your girl.

Variety of Workout Sports Bra for Women


In today’s world, variety is king. For our eclectic customers, we offer a wide range of sports bras in terms of design, styling, purpose, and price.

Dive into the world of gym and sports bras to find your fit. Here is a list of options for sports bras for you:

  • Training bras
  • Full-coverage sport bra
  • Sport Bra for Runner
  • Sport bra for women
  • Padded sports bras
  • Gym Bras
  • Mid impact training bras
  • Thin strap sports bra
  • High impact sports bras
  • Low impact training bra

Tank-style bra: This type of bra covers your back area. Tank-style bras can be worn with yoga pants or track pants during outdoor yoga practice, running, jogging, etc.
Racerback sports bra: The racerback sports bra provides maximum support while performing activities such as running, aerobics, etc. This kind of bra looks stylish and comes in unique designs.
Regular Sports Gym Bra: You can opt for a regular gym bra that comes with a hook and straps. These are appropriate for moderate- to low-impact activities. Further, you can opt for a padded sports bra or a non-padded sports bra in this category.


    High-Quality Gym Bra for Women at a Budget-Friendly Price


    There are many brands and online websites selling gym bras for women. But what makes Raxedo stand out from its competitors is its high quality at the best price. We aim to serve our clients with the best of products in terms of fabric quality, design, and style within their budget. Therefore, you will find here a plethora of options, each unique and within your budget. You can shop from us for a hot sports bra, a fancy sports bra, or a sports bra combo in the range of INR 500 to 1500. Also, we do not charge for shipping, which makes your shopping experience with us highly satisfactory and budget-friendly.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

    Q1. Do you have a plus-size sports bra?

    Raxedo is an all-inclusive brand. For women with heavier breasts, we have plus-size bras for a smooth and comfortable workout or fitness training experience.

    Q2. Do you have a stylish sports bra?

    Yes, we have a collection of unique designer and stylish sports bras that you can buy for yourself or for gifting a woman in your life.

    Q3. What happens if I wear a sports bra everyday?

    Sporting a sports bra throughout the day brings you continuous breast support, relieving pain and discomfort linked to high-intensity physical activity like running or sports. But still, take breaks from your trusty sports bra and let your skin breathe too!


    Unlock a New Level of Active Elegance with Raxedo's Latest Sports Bra Collection

    Our training and sports bra for women offers a secure and customizable fit, ensuring comfort and flexibility throughout your workout. With a range of sports bras for gym sizes and vibrant colors, you'll discover the perfect match that reflects your unique style to your active lifestyle.


    Active life is a key to happiness and well-being, transcending the conventional focus on work and stress.