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Raxedo Private Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of India operates the website www.raxedo.com (Website).

The Raxedo provides a platform for people to buy sports and activewear clothing without giving up their rights. Raxedo values ethics and honesty in the representation of the work and expects users to respect copyright. By using the services on the Website, you agree to The Raxedo’s Terms of Service which may be updated when required according to the law and company. The Raxedo reserves the right to withdraw or amend its services without any prior notice, and if you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you should refrain from using the Website www.raxedo.com


According to the Indian Contract Act, of 1872, it is necessary to have the ability to form legally binding contracts. people who are unable to contract, such as minors, persons of unsound mind, and un-discharged insolvents, are not allowed to use the Website. People who are unable to contract, such as minors, persons of unsound mind, and un-discharged insolvents, are not allowed to use the Website. If a Buyer is under the age of 18, they cannot register or make transactions on the Raxedo website and must have a legal guardian or parents perform transactions on their behalf. Raxedo has the right to eliminate a Buyer's registration if the individual is found to be under the age of 18.


During the use of the website for products and services, you agree to only make legitimate inquiries or orders and not to involve or engage in any false, deceitful, speculative, or fraudulent activities. We have the right to cancel any suspicious orders and report them to the relevant authorities and agencies for processing the case. You are required to provide truthful information such as contact details, including your email and postal address, which we may use to contact you if required, by taking care of our Privacy policy. If the buyer Fails to provide all required information may prevent us from fulfilling your order. Users, under the age of 18, suspended or removed from the Raxedo are not allowed to use the service. Furthermore, buyers have no rights to sell, trade, or transfer your Raxedo account to any other party.


The mandatory responsibilities regarding creating an account on the website as a customer are that the buyer keep the secrecy of the display name and password used to create or register the account to join Raxedo and accept accountability for any actions carried out under their account. Furthermore, the consumer is required to fill in truthful, updated, and all the mandatory information during creating the account with Raxedo. In situation and time Raxedo has reason to believe that the given data and details are untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, the company reserves the right to suspend, terminate or block access to the account buyer using the website.


When buyers use the Website or communicate with Raxedo through messages, email, or other means, Buyer’s consent and agree that such communication is done via the medium of electronic records and data, and they agree to receive periodic electronic communications from Raxedo. Company has the right to communicate with Buyers by using electronic records and data via email or other electronic or non-electronic means.

The Raxedo Website as a platform gives the opportunity and advantage to individuals to explore Raxedo products and indicate their interest in products.


Raxedo may use cookies, web beacons, tags, and similar items to customize the user experience and make using its apps more convenient and personalized. Other than Raxedo, third-party support service providers may also use cookies to help Raxedo manage and analyze its services for a better-personalized experience. Users adjust their web browser to stop or restrict cookies to appear, however, this may affect Raxedo's functionality to serve you better. Importantly, users need to note that cookies and the same items may automatically retrieve personal information from the user's device without their knowledge. 

Raxedo may use session ID cookies on the website to provide personalized certain features, analyze user interactions, and monitor Raxedo users and web traffic routing. The use of tracking technologies, utilized to collect information and data includes domain names, IP addresses, browser types, and access location to enhance the website and the user's personalized experience.


This policy outlines that any information shared on www.raxedo.com including data images, text, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, or other content, is the work and sole property of the company. Raxedo claims ownership of the content and asserts all the copyright and other rights of the work displayed on the Raxedo.

Raxedo has the authority to scrutinize and delete any data or content on the website and can terminate your account due to a violation of this Agreement or any applicable laws determined by Raxedo.

By using Raxedo's services, you agree to receive promotional or informative messages via SMS or email, or both. After any transaction on the web and purchase, you may automatically receive WhatsApp notifications related to your order.

The Raxedo also has the authority to cancel unconfirmed or inactive accounts at its discretion without any prior notice.

Raxedo is not responsible for the actions, inactions, or collaborations of other users or their content and the accuracy of users' content, or the ability of parties to deliver on collaborations to Raxedo.

The Factors, which are not in our control, may affect our ability to provide you with continuous and secure access to our services. Therefore, we exclude all implied warranties related to the use of our services. We are not accountable for any loss of money, goodwill, or reputation, or any special, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from the use of our services.

It is your responsibility to ensure that accessing Raxedo's services is legal and under applicable laws. You should take necessary precautions to protect your computer system or access device from viruses or external malicious computer code while using our services since we are not liable for any damage to your device or computer system.

Raxedo is not responsible for any losses that occur from the failure to provide services, data corruption or loss, errors, interruptions, suspension, or termination of services that violate our Terms and condition.


Raxedo has exclusive rights and ownership of the registered trademark in the name of Raxedo private limited. To use and refer to our products and services using our trademark, you are required to get a written permission letter from the company. We have the right to accept or reject such request at our sole discretion and can impose any terms and conditions according to the company's decision. It is strictly prohibited to use or refer our trademark to your product or services that are not related to the company and not under our authority, or in a way that might be misleading, confusing, or damaging to our image, our information, products, or services (including this website), or that implies any form of association of affiliation with the Raxedo.


Buyers must confirm the product's availability before making a purchase. If a product is unavailable due to supply difficulties or being out of stock, Raxedo reserves the right to offer and suggest substitute products of similar value and quality or higher quality and value, which can be purchased. When the offer and substitute products are not desired by the customer, Raxedo will refund any payment made.


Raxedo reserves the right to decide whether to withdraw a product or modify content or refuse to process an order, company will not be responsible to you or any third party. This right applies regardless the product has been sold or not from the website interface.

We have the authority to remove products, modify, or eliminate any text and content displayed on the Raxedo website. Sometimes, after making every level best effort to process and fulfill all the orders, certain events and circumstances may come across where we may have to refuse an order even after sending a confirmation of the order received, and we have the exclusive right to refuse the order after confirmation.


As a buyer, you can cancel a contract before the goods and products are dispatched and we will issue a full refund to you as per our Returns Policies. However, this right to cancel a contract only applies if you return the goods and products in their original condition with all the accompanying documents, instructions, and packaging. if the returned Products are damaged or excessively worn will not be refunded, and it’s the consumer's accountability to take reasonable care of the products during the products are in the consumer's possession.

However, consumers cannot cancel a Contract for products with removed original wrapping. You must handle the products with care and keep their original boxes, instructions/documents, and wrappings for their return. The return of a gift or credit coupon is subject to the terms and conditions of the Gift Card. 


We'll do our efforts to deliver the products specified and listed in the Order Confirmation with the delivery date mentioned, subject to availability (refer to Clause above for availability of product). However, the delivery may be postponed due to unforeseen events and circumstances or if the delivery location is outside the network’s reach.


If a carrier tries to deliver the goods three times and is unable to deliver products after three attempts as delivery practice. The carrier will coordinate with you using the telephone number you provided. If no one receives the parcel at the specified and listed address, the parcel will be returned to the brand, and a refund will be given for prepaid orders.


Products possessions will only give to you after receiving full payment, delivery charges, or upon delivery, whichever is later.

Once consumers have accepted the parcel and confirmed its condition, Raxedo is no longer accountable for the delivered products or their condition. After receiving the delivered product, it’s become the buyer's responsibility. Ownership of the products will only pass to you upon full payment, including delivery charges, or upon delivery, whichever comes later.

Raxedo practices sealed box packaging. When packaging is damaged, tampered with, or open, you have the right not to receive the parcel. If refusing the parcel, the consumer must inform Raxedo by contacting us by sending a message or email at info@raxedo.com. if you do not accept the parcel, Raxedo will provide you with a similar product (subject to the availability of the product) or issue a refund for prepaid orders.


The prices displayed on our website include taxes, but delivery costs are specified according to location. Raxedo is not accountable for any mishappen and disputes occurring from third-party use of consumer accounts or payment information.

Raxedo has the right to refuse bulk or high-value orders, and Raxedo reserves the right to modify and alter the price and product availability information without prior notice.


Raxedo explains the limitations and legal disclaimers that refer to purchasing products from our website. Company liabilities are limited to the cost of the products and goods.

The company is not liable for any indirect losses resulting from the use of our products or website such as loss of revenue, income, business, savings, contracts, data, or time. Nowadays, digital information and data storage, and digital transmission may contain system errors, Raxedo is not responsible and cannot guarantee the accuracy or security of data and information transmitted or obtained from our website.

We display and write content about all product descriptions, materials, and information without any express or implied warranties. We disclaim all other warranties to the maximum extent allowed by law, but this does not affect any statutory or contractual cancellation rights that consumers may have.

It's buyer accountability to keep the confidentiality of your account and password, even if you share your account and password with someone else as a family member, friend, or relative. All Activities done using your account are your responsibility, and Raxedo will not entertain and be liable for any disputes that occur from the misuse of your account by a third party. We recommend that you log out of your account after each session and immediately report any unauthorized use or security breaches to Raxedo


Users and buyers are responsible for compensating and guarding Raxedo, its owner, affiliates, and employees from any legal claim, penalties or demands made by a third party due to the Buyer's violation of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or any other policies, or violation of any laws, regulations, or intellectual property rights. Raxedo is not liable for any personal injury, loss, or damage of personal belongings. 


The events out of our control prevent us from fulfilling our obligations under a Contract, Raxedo will not be responsible for such events as but not limited to government lockdowns, strikes, natural disasters, transport failures, or government actions. During the Force Majeure Event, our performance according to the Contract will be on hold or suspended until the event has ended, and we may need an additional extension of time to fulfill our complete obligations.


The Raxedo website strictly restricted any kind of false and misleading use, including below activities:

  • Sharing and use of harmful data like viruses or malware code.
  • Posting and distributing any type of data and content that promotes hate speech, obscenity, pedophilia, racism, bigotry, or physical harm to individuals or groups
  • Sharing and Sending junk mail, spam, or chain letters
  • Promoting illegal actions and activities or abusive conduct including threats, defamation, or libel
  • Posting any marketing and promotional data or advertising content
  • Posting links or providing unauthorized copies of copyrighted work which includes computer programs or music
  • Providing instructional data or information on illegal activities and actions includes making illegal weapons and violating privacy.
  • Displaying or posting videos or images of an individual without his/her written consent or permission. 


By subscribing to our newsletter, users give consent to send promotional content like newsletters, SMS, emails, and WhatsApp messages.

Regardless of the user's registration with the National Do Not Call Registry, which prohibits certain types of communication under the National Customer Preference Register governed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the user consents to receive communication-related to raxedo.com. The user acknowledges that this communication, including commercial messages, does not qualify as Unsolicited Commercial Communication under the TRAI guidelines, and that they have explicitly opted to receive it on the phone number they have provided.


Feedback is a gift to us to enhance our product by knowing good and bad. Raxedo values the opinions and suggestions of the individual buyer. If you have anything to write or comments, please write a review and send us a message or write an email to us at info@raxedo.com.

User-generated content such as reviews, feedback, and other submissions written or done on this website. Individuals agree to assign all worldwide rights, titles, and interests in all intellectual properties of the comments, reviews, and feedback to www.raxedo.com. Raxedo reserves all the rights and can use the comments, reviews, or offer suggestions or ideas for any purpose without any consent and compensating the user. The user's comments should not infringe upon any third-party rights or cause harm to any person or entity. User-generated content should not be unlawful, threatening, abusive, or obscene material or spam.

Raxedo is not obligated to maintain or keep the comments, reviews, or feedback in confidence, respond to comments, or compensate the user for any comments. the individual is solely accountable for the content of the comments, reviews, or any idea or suggestion and agrees to compensate www.raxedo.com and its affiliates for any claims resulting from the comments. Raxedo owns the right to monitor, edit, or delete any comments, reviews, or suggestions posted to the site. Use must grant permission to use their name in connection with any comment or ideas posted on the website www.Raxedo.com


All the contracts for purchasing products through our website will be governed by Indian law.

This agreement and terms and contracts will be governed by and interpreted and construed in following proper accordance with the laws of India. The place of jurisdiction shall be in courts in New Delhi.


Raxedo cannot assure that the product information or details provided in the product description or any other content on this website are fully accurate or up to the mark, free of errors. Hence, Raxedo has no accountability or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in such content.


To inquire or any questions related to this Website, please reach out to us at Info@raxedo.com.



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