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How to Choose Activewear According to Your Body Type

How to Choose Activewear According to Your Body Type

Finding an activewear which is perfect fit and super stylish is so tough these days. You need to pick something which is perfect fit and well supported. Anything which is too baggy or too tight can be a real obstacle. It is so important to pick an outfit which matches your body type and suits your style.

So, today let’s talk about some different body types and how to pick up the right kind of active wear that is comfortable and suits you well.

Quick Check for Activewear According to Your Body Type

Here, we have listed the different body types:

Someone with the pear figure If you are someone who has curry hips then you need to pick clothes according to your body type. You can go for crop tops cut out designs or bright colors. These not only look attractive but are super comfortable. Raxedo offers you the best and most trendy crop tops or sweatshirts.

We at Raxedo offers you leggings, which fit perfectly and are available in different colors and patterns.

Inverted Triangle Shape

This body type is exact opposite of peer body shape. It is someone is heavier on the top and slim at the lower body. If you have broad shoulders with long arms and legs then you can go for bright colors. Try to keep your top or t-shirt simple to create an illusion of a waist.


The hourglass shape generally means the balance proportions. It usually means that the body have large breast while waist is smaller and narrower. 

Similar to the rectangle and pear shape, this body type has its own characteristics and properties which can be enhanced and highlighted with the help of the right kind of activewear. 

This type of body shape is generally advised to pick clothing which is closed fitting and offers the ability to demonstrate the shape and curves. 

You can pick a v neck or low-cut neckline top and combined weather legging or yoga pants which will highlight your perfect body shape. This type of body shape should avoid over-sized clothing.

Diamond Body Shape

Diamond body shape means a full mid-section with slim legs and arms. This type of body shape needs to pick up activewear that gives length to your lower body, emphasizing your arms and legs. 

This type of shape means broader hips than shoulders and a narrow bust. You can pick tops and long length pants. Try to avoid tight fitting tops. 

Points to remember while picking an active wear regardless of your body shape

These tips will help you in deciding the right kind of active wear that suits your needs

  • Sports bras are the most important investment. So, always look for a sports bra which is comfortable and supports you well during your workout session.
  • Try to avoid cotton fabric for heavy or sweaty workout sessions. As cotton absorbs the sweat and your clothes might become wet and heavy after a certain point in time. 
  • Always look for clothes which are comfortable and long lasting. No matter whether you are doing running, yogic exercise, gym jumping or hiking, clothing which is versatile and stretchable is always important. 
  • Last but not the least, always feel confident in whatever you wear or carry.

Remember that if you look good you will definitely feel good and confident about yourself. 

Raxedo offers you a great range of active wear collections. From your leggings to shorts to hoodies and many more options available, don’t forget to check out our website today and get your hands on some great discounts.


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