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Amp up your fitness style with the perfect pair of sports shorts women from Raxedo. Whether you are looking for shorts for an outdoor trail, an intensive workout session, or a home exercise routine, we offer you a wide variety of shorts. From us, you can shop for running shorts for women, boxing shorts, gym shorts, etc. Our variety of sports shorts for women is available in bold colors, stripes, and zipped phone holders for hands-free running check patterns, prints, etc. Pair your short tights with an oversized sports t-shirt or a dri-fit breathable sports shirt for a comfortable indoor or outdoor sports session. If any woman in your life is passionate about sports or fitness, then sports tights or sports shorts from us are a useful gift that will bring a wide smile to her face.

Gym Shorts - Workout Shorts for Women


The right breathable activewear is important for a hassle-free and easy workout session. When shopping for gym tights, look for quality fabric and comfort. We provide you with different options of women’s shorts and tights that you can wear during yoga, gym, aerobics, or any other exercise. So, shop for yoga shorts, gym tights, running shorts, and cycling and tracking shorts for women with phone holder functionality for your comfort level only at Raxedo at the best prices. If you wish to order gym tights for women or women's gym leggings, we have them for you. The right fit of the leggings and super stretchable fabric will surely ensure a pleasurable workout experience.

Butt Lifter Shorts For Women

To enhance the shape of the butt or to add a few inches to the backside, butt lifter shorts for women is the best choice. Now, you do not have to look at other websites, as here you will find women's butt-lifter shorts and panties. You can choose as per your size and fit in black or beige colors. What makes our butt lifter shapewear stand out from the rest is the affordable price. You can get a butt lifter for girls in Rs (500 -1000) which is hard to find anywhere else.

Women's Shorts with Inner Tights


If you love shorts more than shorts, we have shorts with inner tights for ladies. Shorts with inner tights for ladies make for a modest and comfortable pair of clothing. Women can easily do cartwheels, running, and workouts in this type of shorts as it prevents sweat buildup and provides coverage. Wearing a piece of clothing with pockets makes women extremely happy; hence, we have shorts and running tights with pockets. The pockets are spacious enough to carry phones or other personal items. And, if you are looking for cycling tights to be worn separately under the shorts or paired with t-shirts or crop tops for a relaxed evening, then we have different options of women’s running tights with pockets and without pockets in lycra, cotton, and polyester fabric.

Online Delivery of Shorts & Tights by Raxedo


If you do not wish to step out of the house to buy tights pants for women, you can get them at your doorstep with Raxedo’s online delivery facility. Add your favorite sports shorts or sports tights women to the cart, fill in the details, select your date and time, and make your payment. Your parcel will be delivered to you with love by us across any city in India. You can also deliver women’s shorts as well as men’s shorts to anyone in India.

Types and Varieties of Shorts for Women


  • Tight Shorts
  • Zipped Shorts
  • Shorts with Tights
  • Zipped Shorts with Zipped Tights
  • Fleece Shorts
  • Gym Tights
  • Long Shorts Women
  • Loose Shorts Womens
  • Butt Lifter
  • Sports Shorts Women
  • Running women sports shorts
  • High waisted women sports shorts
  • sports shorts women's knee length
  • Gym shorts women's
  • Gym shorts with tights

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

Q1. What type of shorts to wear under the dress?

You can wear tights for dresses under short dresses and skirts. It will make you feel comfortable during parties, functions, outings, dates, etc.
I don’t want to wear shorts.

Q2. What else can I wear during the workout?

If you are not comfortable with shorts, you can wear tight pants while cycling or running. The tight pants sit below the kneecap or a little longer.

Q3. What are the latest trends in women’s sportswear shorts?

Bermuda shorts, high-rise shorts, and short tights are in trend in the women’s sports shorts category.

Embrace absolute freedom during your workout with these Shorts for women

We've crafted the ultimate collection of Shorts for women and Gym Shorts with Tights to be your go-to for everything from runs to intense training sessions or simply relaxed outings with friends. Discover your ideal Sports Shorts women's style with us today, and let Raxedo redefine your comfort and active lifestyle!


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