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11 Must-Have Activewear Essentials for Women by Raxedo

11 Must-Have Activewear Essentials for Women by Raxedo

Active utility wear has become quite popular among women these days. Now, you don't have to choose between looking stylish and being practical. With so many options and a plethora of activewear, it is so difficult to choose the correct one.

If you are someone new to this, then trust us, this article is worth a read. Here, we will talk about some of the most essential activewear for every woman. Say goodbye to your previous loose-fitting clothes. Note down these amazing activewear wardrobe essentials for you.

What are the most essential activewear items for women to invest in?


1. Women's Hoodies

Hoodies have become the most essential when it comes to carrying athleisure in style. Hoodies are super comfy and look super stylish. There are so many different colors, patterns and styles available.
Raxedo offers you the best women's hoodies with thermal designs. This keeps you dry and provides the correct insulation required.

2. Compression Wear

Compression t-shirts, leggings, shorts, tights, or tops can reduce muscle fatigue. They are particularly useful for high-intensity workouts. Compression wear can enhance blood circulation, reduce soreness, and improve recovery after workouts.

3. High Impact Sports Bras

You cannot miss out on sports bras when it comes to investing in active wear. These are the most essential parts of women's activewear set. Always ensure to pick the right fit so that their are no chances of any injury or tissue damage.

4. Jegging or Yoga Pants

Leggings or Jeggings are a good investment in your wardrobe. These are versatile and flexible. You can style them up with a kurti or carry them to the gym.
Raxedo offers you perfect mid-rise leggings or Yoga Pants with mesh. The moisture-wicking capacity offers you quick drying. This eventually helps you to maintain body temperature.

5. V-neck T-shirts for women

T-shirts are one of the safest options when it comes to gym wear. These are a perfect choice because of their versatility, durable and flexible properties. You can style these on multiple occasions. The two-in-one nature makes it an idea choice.

6. Workout or Tank Tops

Another important kind of attire that you need to have for your workout routine is tank tops. These are quite basic and comfortable attires. You can go for different types and colors. Choose the correct one according to your style and preferences.

7. Gym Bag

A functional gym bag is essential for carrying all your activewear essentials like a portable water bottle, phone, gloves, and keys.

8. Tracksuit and Sweat suits

A matching set of sweatpants and a sweatshirt or hoodie with Jogger for cozy and stylish loungewear or light workouts and outdoor activities.

9. Gym Socks

Gym socks are not always the first item on our priority lists. However, these play a very important role when it comes to investing in activewear kits. Extra padding protects your feet from any injury or blisters.

10. Women Seamless Tights Shorts for Running

These are just an apt choice for summer or humid weather. These offer you more flexibility and a good stretch. The shorts have a high-rise design. This keeps them close to the body to offer a perfect fit without causing any irritation.

11. Women Joggers

Last but not least on our list is a perfect woman jogger. These looks great on a casual day and are comfortable for a workout. At Raxedo, we offer you high waist and side panels to store your valuables.

So, hope this list helped you out!


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