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Buying Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sports Bra

Buying Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sports Bra

Just remember that you need to have the right fit and gym wear while working out. In the case of women, sports bras play a quintessential role. Whether you are indulging intense cardio or doing strength training, a sports bra is a must.
The workout without a properly fitting sports bra can create distraction or damage the soft tissue. This might also result in the breast looking saggy. So, it is essential to choose the right kind of sports bra for your workout routine. Picking the right kind of sports bra is quintessential.

It doesn't matter if you are doing a cardio or strength training workout, choose the right fit. So, dear girls, if you are planning to start your workout routine, then make sure that you invest in the right sports bra first.

There are so many choices and options that offer a plethora of sports bras. However, you need to have an idea about where to invest according to your exercises.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sports Bra: What to consider?

The very first factor is to decide the type of sports bra you need. This highly depends on the type of exercise that you pick. Don't wear flashy colors or fancy sports bra. You need to keep in mind both comfort and functionality.

Type of Sports Bra

There is a different type of sports bra available. So, basically, there are three types according to the nature of the workout.

1. High-support sports bra

Suppose you are going running or jogging, you prefer to pick a high-support sports bra. These high-intensity workouts require sports bras which offer you support in all directions.

A high-support sports bra reduces the impact and reduces the movements to a minimum. This helps in reducing any injury, breast pain, or distraction. These types of sports brass have white straps and supportive cups.

2. Medium support sports bra

Medium-impact exercise like walking, hiking, or strength training needs medium support sports bra for comfort and functionality. These provide you with support in multiple directions. However, they have a lower impact in comparison to the high-support sports bra. Generally, these are made of soft fabric and adjustable straps to provide you with complete comfort and functionality.

3. Low-support sports bra

Low impact exercises like walking, yoga, or cycling, require low support sports bra. This sports bra is just perfect for your regular routine workout session.
Look for a breathable and stretchable fabric that helps you with easy movements. The low-support sports bra is pretty perfect for your regular home workout.

2. Adjustable Straps

Look for adjustable straps. This will help you to adjust these traps according to the support your breast needs. This highly depends upon the kind of workout you are doing. Jumping to the next important and crucial factor is the cup size of your sports bra. Most of us often fail to decide which is the right cup size. Always look for the correct and proper cup size to ensure that you get the proper support

3. Other Features

Excess sweat can cause issues like rashes and chaffing. So, girls, you need to pick a sports bra which has a soaking-wicking quality so that it dries up
sweat faster and quicker. This will help in maintaining the body temperature and breathing mechanism needed.

Where do I choose a Sports Bra?

Raxedo offers you a great range and variety of sports bras. Keep in function and fit. Choose a sports bra that offers you comfort and performance. The sports bra offered by Raxedo are designed, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of an individual.

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