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What to Wear for Outdoor Winter Workouts?

What to Wear for Outdoor Winter Workouts?

So, the winter season is about to begin and we understand that exercising outside in this cold weather is so tough. But with the right dressing and winter gym wear, you can stay comfortable and work out.

Yes, you read it right! It is really essential to have the right clothes for winter workout sessions. The cold, wind chill and weather conditions can make you sick. So, the right layer of clothing will help you to stay warm and focus on your workout schedule.

Raxedo offers you a great range of activewear to wear for outdoor winter workouts. The quality that we offer is worth the price and we ensure that you have the best quality.

We have listed out some of our best fleece activewear that you can try this season. What to wear for an outdoor winter workout?

The Complete Guide for Beginners to What to Wear in Winter Workouts

Here we have listed out some winter activewear for your winter workout session:

Dri-FIT and Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket - Pouch Jacket

One of the best ones on our list is the Dri FIT lightweight windbreaker jacket or pouch pocket that keeps your small essentials and, folds & packs your jacket into its own pouch too for space saving. It helps you to protect yourself from the strong winter chills. It has infused thermometer technology which helps in maintaining the body heat and temperature.

The zip design helps in adjusting the airflow according to the workout routine you follow. These are available in different color shades. You can pick according to your preferences. Windbreakers are just perfect to top your base layer and protect you in winter.

Hoodies for Men/Women

Next up in the list are hoodies for men and women with a middle layer to protect you from winter conditions. These would be made of soft fabric and thermo-fit material. This maintains the body temperature as well as the comfort required. Apart from your workout schedule, these are also perfect for your casual outings or lunch.

Fleece Joggers for Men/Women

Jogger has always been the first and most preferred choice of everyone. Raxedo offers you, fleece joggers, with a base layer and extra space in the thighs. These are quite soft and have been designed, keeping in mind the harsh winter conditions. These fleece joggers are super comfortable and are available in different shades and patterns. Pick one that best suits you.

Full Sleeve T-Shirt for Men/Women

Whether you are doing a high-intensity workout or a low-intensity workout, a basic t-shirt is a must. You can pick a T-shirt for men and women with full sleeves as a base layer. This helps in maintaining the body temperature and retaining body heat.

Running Jacket for Men/Women

Last but not least we have on our list is the running jacket. These jackets are just perfect if you are planning to go jogging or running during the winter conditions. You can pick your basic T-shirt and add a running jacket over it. This will not only protect you from the harsh winter chills but will also help in maintaining your body temperature. Some of these jackets also have zip vents which help with easy air flow.

Fleece Tracksuits

Fleece tracksuits are a practical and comfortable choice for winter activewear. Fleece tracksuits for men and women are versatile. You can add thermal or moisture-wicking layers for additional warmth against the cold. This makes them a budget-friendly choice for staying warm in winter.

Fleece Hoodie Dress for women

A fleece hoodie dress for women can be a practical and stylish addition to your winter activewear collection. It offers warmth, comfort, versatility, and functionality, making it a valuable piece of cold-weather clothing.


These were some of the most important winter fleece workout activewear to invest in. The winter season is one of the best times when you can bring a great transformation to your body. However, you need to make sure that you are carrying the right layers of clothes so that you don't fall sick.

Make sure that before starting any workout you do some warm-up exercises and stretching. Look for winter outfits which are comfortable as well as protective from the harsh winter conditions.

While picking a winter outfit make sure that you know the weather conditions in your surroundings. You also need to keep in mind the physical activity that you prefer.

Last piece of advice take care of yourself and stay warm and stylish during the colder months.


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